Patient Information & Testimonials

Irit concentrates on relief of specific symptoms as well as helping each patient on a path to well being in body, mind, and spirit.


What Irit’s Patients say…


“Not only has Irit made a hugely significant difference with respect to my migraines, she has worked on many other health issues I have experienced, and the success rate is impressive. Irit is extremely knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, highly professional, and always offers an encouraging word. Irit has made a dramatic improvement in my wellbeing and I give her the highest recommendation I could possibly give.” Deerfield, IL



“It’s been two weeks since my surgery, and I am feeling calm, strong and energized. Irit told me from the beginning her goal was to have me out of the hospital in half the usual time. The surgery normally requires a 3-5 night stay in the hospital but the morning of the second day post op I was doing so well I was told I could go home. The surgeon mentioned that when they went in to my abdomen to do the procedure I had no adhesions, and I needed no other pain medications post op except for Tylenol and Advil. I unequivocally attribute my recovery and healing to Irit’s skilled, intuitive and professional care. Over the 30 years of being in the wellness industry myself, I have experienced the treatments of other acupuncturists and none come close to the wisdom and compassion that Irit offers in her practice.” Glenview, IL


“I cannot thank Irit enough for her help through my IVF and conception process, in addition to my journey through pregnancy. She helped me on both an emotional and physical level on a weekly basis. She helped me through the emotional rollercoaster of IVF, as well as the nausea and discomfort it can bring. Irit also helped my body prepare for pregnancy. During pregnancy, her treatments continued to help with first trimester nausea and headaches I experienced. Thanks to Irit, I felt at ease and had a very enjoyable pregnancy. I could not recommend her enough and will absolutely be back for future pregnancies!” Chicago, IL

“When I had major abdominal surgery my surgeon told me to expect a hospital stay of 5-7 days. With Irit’s acupuncture as preparation, and treatment in my recovery I was out of the hospital in 2 days and had a very smooth and easy recovery.” Evanson, IL



“Acupuncture with Irit has completely eliminated my hot flashes, which began in full force after a hysterectomy.” Evanston, IL



“Irit has worked with both of my children. She helped my daughter significantly with her eczema which is dramatically improved from before when Irit was working with her. I have a child that suffers from Headaches and stomachaches related to anxiety and when she sees Irit regularly they are dramatically reduced.” Evanston, IL



“Irit played a huge role in supporting my husband and me during our fertility journey. Throughout the process of getting pregnant and staying pregnant, the acupuncture and reflexology treatments that Irit provided to both of us were a source of calm. She was also there to listen and talk through things, and offered valuable advice based on her experience. We are so grateful to have had Irit with us as we were building our family!” Skokie, IL



“In addition to all of  the wonderful aspects of treatment with Irit, the entire experience is so enjoyable. Her warmth and skill as a healer make her an important part of our regimen. even my teenagers enjoy seeing her.” Wilmette, IL

“I can’t recommend acupuncture with Irit enough.  I first saw Irit a few days after a miscarriage and was feeling so weak – emotionally and physically.  Not only did she help me feel better in all ways, but I conceived again within a month and now have a happy baby.  I received regular treatment from her throughout my pregnancy and after.  She is a key component in my overall well being especially throughout my pregnancy journey:  conception, during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  Even when I am feeling great, acupuncture and Irit helps me to maintain my sense of balance and I notice a difference with regular appointments.  She can help ease anything and has also helped me with digestion, skin issues, back pain, jaw pain and neck pain.  I’ll admit I was slightly skeptical at first and have been amazed with the difference acupuncture makes in my health.” Wilmette, IL