The Therapy of Metamorphic Change and Healing

Metamorphic therapy deals with prenatal behavioral patterns.

The term metamorphic is derived from the Greek word, metamorphosis, meaning transformation. Functionally, metamorphosis is a marked and meaningful developmental change in physical form, structure, character, or function that affects the entire characteristic properties of an individual. Metamorphic Therapy proposes, as a basic assumption, that a release of old behavioral problems is the foundation of conscious development, or rather the conscious development of change and healing. The change occurs as a direct result of the mind and body opening its doors to the early memories buried deep within our unconscious.

Discussion of Metamorphic Therapy therefore includes the quintessential processes of diagnosis and treatment. The diagnosis section basically deals with the way metamorphic patterns are reflected in the body. Diagnosis is then followed by a discussion that guides and encourages patients to become aware of their behavioral patterns, creating a motive for change.

The physical treatment, on the other hand, is based primarily on touch. The treatment is executed by touching and massaging the reflex zones of the spine. This gentle type of touch is unique to Metamorphic Therapy. The therapy can arouse our early memories as the spinal cord and skin receive and absorb pre-natal and birth experiences. It is vital to understand that our skin remembers. The healing treatment allows the patient to experience a deep transformation that occurs through an awareness which gives the patient the freedom to accept full responsibility for his bodily health. This is not a magical healing in which one simply waves a wand, but rather a process that reveals anew the full potential of a human being’s growth and development. It requires a significant amount of time, patience, and acceptance not only of oneself but of others.